Monday, December 9, 2013

Itty Bitty Ballerinas

Yes, I have heard the argument about the right of a free people to determine its own destiny. I reflect often upon the way through the woods. The primacy of nature over nurture keeps me awake oft a night.

But, my grand-daughter idolising princesses, learning dance, and adoring pink, purple, and turquoise, is all a bit perplexing.

In want of a princess-antidote, on Friday Alannah helped me fork the compost in her ballet tutu, and on Saturday she sat with me under the spreading Camellia tree while I explained to her the finer points in the life-cycle of the Cicada.

Note: These images were taken by a bursting mother, at the completion of Sunday's dance spectaculAR, when Tessi and Alannah found it difficult to relinquish the stage.


freefalling said...

Ha - she looks sooo happy!
I've often admired Alannah's style and can't say how much I would love to wear a tutu while doing the gardening.

Julie said...

And the amazing thing about her style, is that it is self evolved, not mother directed. Sometimes an adult has to bring her attention to the fact that it is rather cold! Or if she insists on wearing her ballet shoes on the dewy grass they will fall apart. But what comes out of the drawer, and wht goes with what is all her own doing. She went through a stage where everything had to match, but now she likes NOTHING to match. And she cannot abide her food mixed. Everything has to be separate. *groan*

diane b said...

Aren't three year olds complex? Fox won't try new foods at the moment. He doesn't do the gardening in a tutu though. But today he took all his clothes off in the garden and said Is it bath time?

Julie said...

*chuckle* ... yep, complex would cover it.