Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My girls

Alannah is now 3 years and 4 months old, and Juliet is 9 weeks old. And Mumma is 34, and Ma 65, just in case you needed to know. We have been in out three generation house in Castlecrag on Sydney's lower north shore for ten months now. The move (both to C/C, AND into the same house) was so the way to go. Finances are tight, but the sharing and the involvement is wonderful. There have been a few of my old fashioned ideas that I have had to ditch, but I still manage to iron the tea-towells.
There is a massive similarity in the physical appearance of Alannah, and Juliet, at this early stage. However, Juliet is more robustly built than Alannah, heavier and all-round bigger. She also has auburn hair rather than brunette. Her mother likes to say her hair is lighter.

There is so much going on at our house all the time. We have three cats, and a turkey that even comes (uninvited) into the house. The chap across the road has cats, guineau pigs, AND chooks. As well as a trampoline. With the garden being in the frontyard, and me being frequently out IN the garden, neighbours who walk are a constant stream of chatter.


Kate said...

What a lovely arrangement, 3 generations in one household, Julie. Your grand-daughers are grand, indeed. May you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Julie said...

Thankyou, Kate.

freefalling said...

Oh what a little beauty she is!
And look at Alannah!
How wonderful that living all together is going so well.
I laughed at ironing the tea-towels - my mum insists on that too.
And the pillowcases and hankies.

Julie said...

Ditto with pillow cases, but I ditched hankies many moons ago.