Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesdays with Mama

The girls spend Wednesdays with their mother, and Kirsten has wrangled it so that during 2014, Wednesday in "Mama" day, too. It works well.
Next year Alannah will go to pre-school on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Juliet will go to a day-care centre on Fridays. Grandad will have Alannah on Thursdays, and she will spend Fridays with me. I will also have Juliet on Thursdays, even though Mama will be upstairs working.
So, today was Wednesday. Firstly, all four of us toddled into the Opera House to the Babies' Proms version of "The Nutcracker". Alannah was engrossed, and much more comfortable up in the mezzanine, rather than downstairs with the other kids. Then we came home, and Alannah and Mama iced biscuits they made yesterday, while Juliet slept. Then Mama bundled half the kitchen-sink into the Captiva and choofed down to Brighmore Reserve, Cremorne, to ride a balance bike around the educational bicycle track. Mostly, Juliet gurgled or chortled, or slept. Mama was a wee bit ragged come 7pm.


Share Clear Best Cardsahring Cccam Server said...
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head in the sun said...

I can hear "Born to be Wild" playing in my head as I look at that fab photo of Alannah on her bike.

diane b said...

It is hectic and tiring going to the park with little ones . Even looking after the baby must keep you on your toes but lovely for bonding.