Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sous jardinier

My assistant was out and about today. I suspect her greatest joy is clambering atop the raised garden bed to work, whereas Ma has to stay at ground level.

While Juliet loves peas, Alannah is more inclined to eat raw beans. Juliet likes them, too, but she likes everything, even to the extent of eating my small, green capsicums straight from the bush, seeds, membrane and all. So, just for premiere petite-fille I have a row of Butter-beans starting to flower.

Yes, that is my cardy she has pilfered. It was a strange old day today, never quite taking on the mantle of summer. But she is wearing the milk-maid cap because the sun was too hot on her head. Mine, too. Go figure.
The garden is looking a treat again.

I have less time to tend it than last year, but I am clueier - is that even a word? I have learnt to strike my own seedlings, and to even toss them if I happen on a purple-patch where the germination rate is greater than the promised 85%.

And I only plant 4 or fewer at a time. I was greedy with my Zucchini, and planted two per 40cm pot. This was sufficient for nutrition but not sufficient space for a vine, and they are strangling each other.

I am working upon some posts for over at Ginger-Bread-Tales.

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