Monday, November 17, 2014


Last evening, in the kitchen, as dinner was being prepared, Juliet toddled over to me with a round-runner bean shouting "Pop!" She was totally distressed when I tried to explain to her that beans do not go Pop!. Only peas go Pop!

For six weeks or so now, we have been eating, fresh from the trellis mostly, podding peas which have a resounding Pop! Juliet, especially loves them. She loves the taste, She loves nibbling them from the pod. She loves crunching into the pod. She STILL laughs, and anticipates, the sound as I gently depress the curve near the growth end of the pod.

So, of course, last night, we all toddled out to the veggie patch and Alannah pulled some pods fresh from the trellis. Just for her. Today, Juliet and I sat on our stools on the front porch overlooking the veggie patch, as she nibbled a few more.

Don't like to think of the ruckus she will kick up when I pull the podding peas out next week. They have had their time in the sun. Time to make way for a variety more amenable to the heat that is upon us.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Ha ha. From the title I thought it was going to be a post about Juliet's grandfather! We have eaten a few of our lettuces.

Margaret said...

Oh dear, sometimes all the explaining in the world won't stop them getting upset.
Could you find some bubble wrap and show her how to stomp on it or whack it with something suitable ? not as vitamin filled as peas but good popping fun.