Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a monumental waste of time!

I saw "Monuments Men" at Dendy Quays this afternoon. That is two hours of my life I will not get back!

My fault totally. I chose in a hurry, and did not consult David & Margaret. I just figured that a retelling of a true story - that retelling by George Clooney - would be okay. He starred in it. He wrote it. He directed it. What a load of stars'n'stripes tosh. Yet the line-up of actors: Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, Matt Damon (whose name I could only remember when the credits rolled). They killed off the Frenchman, and the Englishman, leaving just the gallant Yanks to save the art history of Western Civilization. Not only from the Nazis, mind you, but from the dastardly Russians, too.

The music, by the time the credits rolled, was bordering on the facetious, or the satirical, or just the downright rude. Maybe that's it! Maybe the entire yarn was tongue-in-cheek.

Where was the Clooney of "Good Night, and Good Luck"? Where was the Murray of "Lost in Translation"? Where was the Blanchett of "Notes on a Scandal", and "Blue Jasmine"?

So, I bought a copy of Mantel's "Wolf Hall", to console myself. Had to get it in hard-cover, as the paperback font is too small, with way too little white space.

Just thought. I qualify for grumpy-old-women!


Julie said...

Justread the review by David & Margaret and the comments by readers. They seemed to alternate from 5-stars to 0-stars. Great fun to read.

Joan Elizabeth said...

We have been to quite a few movies this summer and this one counts as just a bit of lighthearted fluff.

Of wartime stories I found The Railwayman compelling and thought provoking. The Book Thief a disappointment because I had recently read the book which was innovative writing but it became just another war story in the movie.

Margaret said...

I would reccommend "The Door" DVD starring Helen Mirren.
Our local library is moving and asked all members to take out 30 items and return them later to the new building, what a clever idea.
Among the books, DVD's and talking books I borrowed was a couple of BBC dramas and "The Door" was one I watched yesterday as I am resting with stitches in my leg.