Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nectar of the Gods

I had taken a bite, and was nibbling the skin away from the flesh, as one does, when I sensed two gigantic eyes upon me. We both moved in synch, and her gums latched upon the fruit, not keen to let go. Her mother was beside me on the sofa, and said this was called "soft weaning". Personally, I though it nowt but theft.

Big week in our thee-gen house. Alannah started pre-school on Monday. Today was Juliet's first day of "Ma care", and tomorrow Juliet goes to Farran Street in Lane Cove for her first day of institutional day-care. Mumma goes back to her lawyering next week, but for two days per week (job share) to begin with.


Joan Elizabeth said...

What a lovely little girl. It is such a busy life being a young mum these days. Probably always was.

diane b said...

Hee hee "Theft" expect a lot more of that. Wow Pre school is that state or private? Is it before Kindergarten ? Is that still the first class in NSW?
Fox goes to a day care type school.

Julie said...

Joan,it always was, I think.

Diane, the pre-school that Alannah goes to is a Kindergaten-Union (KU) preschool. It is private, but there are a lot of them. She will go here two days this year, and then three days in 2015 and then into Kindergarten in our local stat school, which is Castle Cove Public School. Her pre-school operates from 9am til 3pm but you can pay extra for an additional half hour either side.