Monday, February 10, 2014

Lazy daze of summer

Lunch at Doyle's, Watson's Bay on Sunday. Glorious day: sunny, blue sky, 29C. Took the ferry from The Quay, Wharf 4. I was the only born'n'bred, dinky di. The others being either Poms or Canuks. The three Canadians met at university in the late '60s. One moved to Melbourne, the other two moved to New Zealand. Tony and I met in '69 and met Diane (the Melburnian Canuck) in '72. Pam was the newcomer.
The food was yummo. I had two entrees. The first was:
BASS STRAIT TASMANIAN SCALLOPS - Lightly grilled & served with a cucumber, capsicum & red onion salsa,with a chilli, ginger,caramel & coriander dressing.
The second was:
DOYLE'S OWN JUMBO PRAWNS - Filled with bacon, sultanas, egg, spinach, leeks & pine nuts, golden fried in beer batter.
If there is a brulee on the menu, it is a lay down misere that will be my choice. There was, and it was.
White Chocolate & Raspberry Brulee - A simple but elegant Belgian chocolate and fresh raspberry brulee with a side of vanilla bean gelato.
I would rate this as simply the best brulee I have had anywhere. Without a doubt.

Tom and Noreen demolished the
DOYLES FISHERMANS PAELLA FOR 2 - Our own version of this famous dish – local fish,Bugs , prawns, scallops, calamari, & mussels, with rice served separately.
After the meal we took a hike up to The Gap, but none of us felt the urge to jump.
At the beginning of the meal, we agreed to do it again in 10 years. By the end of the meal, we had agreed on 5 years instead.

It was a good time.

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