Saturday, September 17, 2011

Treading the boards

Here I am, treading the boards in the Beechworth Town Hall. This building started life as the Shire Offices in 1858. The hall out the back, where I am posing was built as the Shire Hall in 1859. The hall was sometimes used as a second courthouse; the bushranger Harry Power was tried here in 1864.

This image (taken by Di) makes me think that I am about to recite 'Songs of a Sentimental Bloke' by C.J. Dennis. The songs as related by Bill, a member of the Little Lonsdale Street push, who is searching for his Doreen.

I was very disappointed with Beechworth. My only other visit had been sometime in 1972, which seered into my subconscious the many magnificent old buildings of the town. However, this time I found them sanitised beyond belief. I am not sure what has changed the most: the town or moi.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I feel that way about Gulgong, it has been tidied up too much. Can't remember much about Beechworth but I think there was a rather nice gift shop that I enjoyed there ... which is unusual because I am not usually so keen on them.

diane b said...

I enjoyed the wineries around Beechworth and the food shops. We stayed in a beaut B&B.

freefalling said...

I haven't been to BW for ages.
I remember I loved the drive to BW.
I know what you mean about sanitised though - sort of like a history theme park - like Sovereign Hill in Ballarat or the Port of Echuca.

It's so disappointing when places get too tidied up - people really shouldn't underestimate the appeal of "skankiness".

PS. LOVE the photo!! teehee