Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Roadtrippers

After five days in Melbourne, St Kilda actually, we humped our bluey up the back-roads to the holiday house of choice in Myrtleford in NE Victoria. Not very far, really, considering our longest drive was just over 400kms. Di designed the trip and was our chief driver. This photograph was taken on my final night. The others were pressing on after Myrtleford, up and over the High Country, through Omeo, Bairnsdale, and Bena, and thence back to Melbourne.

From L to R: Julie, Diane, Tom, Noreen.

Di arrived in Sydney from Canada in 1971 and she and I met the following year. Noreen had been at university in London, Ontario with Di. She and Tom have been in NZ for 37 years now.

Once I have designed and shaped some stories, I will begin to post them on 'Hither & Thither'. We visited towns like Mansfield, Milawa, Bright, Beechworth, Yakandandah, and Chiltern. We went to wineries, cheeseries, bakeries (lots of bakeries!!), a butter factory, and a trout farm. Each day we hunted down our requirements for the evening meal, gathered them up and carted them home, and set about creating a feast for four. Using Diane's Panasonic Lumix 'point and shoot' (my camera having been pourloined, you might recall), I documented our raids into the countryside in my usual detail.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to this trip. It is a favorite part of the country for me.

Ann said...

Julie, my offer still stands. Do you want my 400D? A little more basic than what you had but still a good camera to keep you going.

diane b said...

That is a great part of our country. I loved Beechworth and Bright and Milawa. I loved the wine and cheeses.

Kay L. Davies said...

Sounds like you had fun. Good for you.
Luv — K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Dianne said...

Sounds like wonderful times together Julie and I look forward to reading more about your excursions in that wonderful part of the country - I've been to Bright in the winter but I'm sure it would be very pretty in the Spring!
Wineries cheeseries bakeries - my sort of outings!