Friday, August 26, 2011

Hunting and gathering

Maybe five years ago, I stumbled upon a film, a French film, entitled 'Hunting and Gathering' ('Ensemble, c'est tout'). It stars Paris, Audrey Tatou, and Guillaume Canet. Not only, but also, it features Francoise Bertin, as Paulette, the frail grandmother. And I fell in love. With Paulette's garden.

It is a cross between a junk-yard and a briar-patch. It uses all three dimensions. It divides the area, as entreated by landscapers the world over, into 'rooms'. In this case, des toilettes!

The film was based upon a romance by Anna Galvalda which I read in translation. However, I had seen the film too many times, and the real interest was in the briary. The poor writer was not to know that.

Should I admit to scouring the laneways of Paddo for orphaned crates, yes plastic milk crates suffice. For empty wine boxes. Wooden trays. Anything upon which to pose a plant, or a hunk of chain. I am seriously looking forward to 'Second Hand Sunday' on 18th September when I can come out of the closet, hold my head high and storm the bastions in search of treasure.

The blobs of jelly surrounding this custardy text, were taken in (and above) my courtyard prior to my camera being purloined last Wednesday morning early. The deckchair sling I purchased at 'Ici et La' (free plug).


diane b said...

Your camera was stolen?????
The courtyard is a homely place and well done with scrounged pot stands.Puss looks like part of the furniture.
Second hand Sunday sounds interesting, how does it work?

brattcat said...

a worthy courtyard for your quick and curious mind. my favorite shots are, of course, of the cat...coming and going.

freefalling said...

I think it is just lovely.
And look at your orchids!
And your zygocactus!
What's that grey arrangement on the left sticking out from the wall.

Absolutely hold your head high.
Bin scabbing is a noble pastime.
We are protecting the earth from junk.

I want to see that movie!!
You know what movie has the most beautiful apartment garden?
Green Card with Gerard Depardieu and directed by that Aust. fellow.
It's a bit of a daggy film but oh, that garden!

Hey! I just "found" that film - I am "acquiring" it now.

And I love your chair! Did you have to sew it or was it already done?

Joan Elizabeth said...

Wow tis is wonderful you have transformed it into a magical space.

I hope you are coping OK after the trama of the break-in. It takes a while for the irritation and fear to wear off.

Julie said...

Diane: 'Second Hand Sunday' is a continuing venture by our local council. It is a coucil-wide garage sale. You register, and they advertise in the local papers. They are pushing it as reducing landfill, making a little money, and meeting neighbours. I shall report back.

Julie said...

BC: this cat is the aggressive one that I inherited from my daughter. He is mucho less aggressive now that he has a more interesting life, with a garden and two other cats.

Julie said...

Letty: I have a dim memory of that garden, but shall get a copy of the film to refresh. I can watch the TdF just for the gardens!

My new sling is just slung for the photo. I have yet to sew it. But will do so this weekend.

Those two grey 'arrangements' stick out on the left are my two olive trees that I potted upon my return from Italy in November 2006. They are heavy with flower, and I am hopeful of fruit setting.

I like it that I can think of 'bin-scabbing' as a noble past-time.

Julie said...

Joan: I like that you like it. It is very verdant right now. Many people stop and stick their head over the brick wall. I have recently put my Brazilian walking-iris up there in pots as they are setting flowers now and are best when up high with the flowers flowing down

My break-in was not as extensive as yours I suspect, but then again I am a fairly frugal liver. Mmm that word should be read as 'live-er' not 'liver'. But the wariness rather than fear is ever-present. And a sense of dirtiness which is, I guess, the violation.

However, I have made changes that the policewoman suggested. And a friend has looked it over and suggested more. So I will implement those this afternoon. Need to go up to Oxford St and purchase another length of dowell.

Mark said...

Julie what a beautiful garden you have.

Julie said...

ThAnk you, Mark. Being all in pots, there are few weeds, which is a blessing. I get to move them around on whim, also.