Monday, April 11, 2011

My building (mon immeuble)

Rue de Bourgogne runs parallet to Des Invalides (one street back) down to La Seine. It is one-way going away from the river. This is the main entry-way. Most buildings of this era in Paris have an inner court-yard, some with lovely gardens. I have shown you my court-yard earlier on Face-Book.

I am renting a small studio on the 4th floor. The ground floor in Paris is 0. There is the tiniest of lifts, but it works a treat thus far, with nary a creak.

As there is just me in the apartment, I leave the sofa made up as a bed all the time. The outlook from the window is a delight, with lots of fresh air which I need. The only thing missing is something to play music. I do have a zillion tv channels, but SKY (UK) is abyssmal. I quite like Aljazeera (from DOHA) and find it very even-handed staffed by proper journalists from around the world. How I have solved the music problem is to listen to Classic-FM via the ABC online.

That is me up there on the 4th floor (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)- right there under the eaves with the window open.


diane b said...

It looks very cosy and quite spacious for french standards. Is the scooter at the door your mode of transport. I can just see you zipping around the streets of Paris on that. hee hee

Margaret said...

Last trip I bought home some savon "le petit Marseillias" it feels nice on the skin and smells like Frangipani, constant reminder of happy days.
You can find it in the little local supermarkets, in a pale green wrapper.

Julie said...

Ah, now that is a good idea! I am not one for souvenirs - they can be so trashy. Cheap usually meaning a bit nasty, too. Taa ...

Julie said...

Diane, it is all I can do to zip on my feet! Lucky I am so enamoured of looking at things. I stop a lot and sit and just soak it all in. That is zipping enough for me! I found yet another delightful local park yesterday. And just a few corner turns away. School holidays have just begun I think. More children around during the day.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Reminds me of living small in the inner city ... there is something special about being right in the heart of the buzz.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm so glad there was a lift, and tiny would be just right for you. We were on the "first" floor in our hotel on Rue Amalie and the stairs were quite awkward (they slanted!).
Your building looks delightful, and being on the fourth floor would be super. Our window faced the street, too, and I loved it.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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