Saturday, April 9, 2011

In my absence, growth continues

We skype, we email, we text. Modern communications make distance 'shorter'.
Kirsten is doing a great job, sorting out grandpa who has been hospitalised after a fall. Now we have agreed (she and I) that we want him out, and back into his own bed. She is determined that I stay here as planned. Coming to terms with this is good for my soul, I think. I did say 'goodbye' to him ten days ago. And he really has no idea who any of us is.


brattcat said...

I understand so well the position you're in. I'm so sorry.

On another note, your daughter certainly has inherited your photographer's eye.

diane b said...

She's like a little female version of Fox. he stands up in his cot and feeds himself. He has a fixation on pressing buttons at the moment, like mobile phones and keyboards. She is a darling! Thank goodness for Skype.
It must be a worry having your dad not well but sounds like Kristen has everything under control. These young ones are so capable, and great to have around.