Saturday, January 15, 2011

The world is not a scarey place, trust us ...

Alannah taking the wheel at 'Babies by the Bay'
Photo taken by Kirsten.
Between all the mayhem and distress that has occurred over the last few weeks, Kirsten has been preparing Alannah for her big step into the world without her mother's presence. Child care is not easy to come by, and quality care even less so. When Kirsten found one she liked, she grabbed a day a week even though not due to return to work until July.

She has spent this tumultuous time preparing my grand-daughter and ensuring that she understood that the world is not a scarey place, and that her mother will always come back. Alannah has been taken for half-days by Grandad and by Ma. She has been to Playgroup. She meets other children at Mothers' Group. She meets them at Rhyme Time in the library.

So yesterday was her first Friday. Mother was excited/anxious/happy/proud. All those things. As was Ma. Alannah is a contemplative child. She spends a lot of time absorbng. However, she also has a voice that she uses when splashing ducky in the bath. She was fine. But when she got home she slept for 2 1/2 hours and was still rubbing her eyes.

No matter what we have seen or experienced over the last few weeks, the world is a good place to enter into and to explore.

Alannah tuckered out
Photo taken by Kirsten


Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes the world is a good place but just like us gets a bit bad tempered at times. I am just glad that I am in the more even tempered bit right now even though I know that all this rain is building up a fuel load that is going to worry us some hot summer not too far away when it is our turn.

Ann said...

the bottom one is just gorgeous. She's growing so quickly.

diane b said...

She is growing so fast. It must be sad for mum to have to leave her, even for a day. Everyday there is something new to observe both from baby's point of view and from parents point of view. Alannah already looks intelligent.