Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The joy of being a grandmother

Each month we arrange a Grandmothers' Day. Alannah's paternal grandmother comes up by train from Nowra (3 hours each way), and I mosey over by shanks'-pony (35 minutes each way). We often go to a beach or a park, but today was a little indeterminate weather-wise so we played at home and then went to a cafe for lunch.

I am blessed to be as included as I am. Thank you, my lovely.


brattcat said...

We, too, are fortunate to be included. Thank you.

diane b said...

A lovely idea, How lucky you are to be so close. She is looking so bright and alert.

Come on over for some entertainment.

freefalling said...

She is a lucky little girl to grow up surrounded by such love and attention.
You can almost see it like a pink fluffy cloud around her.

Joan Elizabeth said...

She is bright as a button with lots of admirers ... including we bloggers.