Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A time for Family

Before Christmas, I spent three days with my two brothers in Newcastle. The obligatory game of Scrabble was enjoined, with one brother consulting a really really old Oxford, and the other receiving unwanted advice from his progeny. Good fun, all round.

On Boxing Day, I visited my uncle (my father's older brother) in Royal North Shore. He was 91 last September and is aiming for his century. He goes out to a rehab hospital tomorrow prior to returning to his own home.

And here is my darling grand-daughter, Alannah, taken today where I got to feed her and read to her, and play with her.


brattcat said...

We also keep an old dictionary at hand when playing post-prandial word games. Your uncle is an extraordinarily handsome 91, what good genes. And Alannah...what can I say. You've caught a particularly fetching look on her beautiful face.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Look at all those lovely faces. You're looking very prim and school marmish in the scrabble shot ... no need for a dictionary of brains trust for you I gather!

diane b said...

The old fella looks very much like your DAD. They both seem well preserved. She is a little darling with those big brown eyes. I see she is a mouth stuffer too like Fox. He even gets his toes in there.

freefalling said...

Look at the little dimples on her hands!

My sister made me play scrabble on my visit too.
(she always makes me play scrabble with her)

Julie said...

We played two games, and I was way last each time.

Brothers ... !!