Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas for non-believers

I don't think there is a practicising Christian in my immediate family. There are quite a few in my extended family, However, I don't cut myself out from the Christmas season totally. Possibly, Christmas has gone generic. The father of my children, and his partner, hosted a family dinner last night. This morning I was around opening presents with my grand-daughter. I have spoken with one brother, the other is in-ommunicado. I had Christmas lunch in the garden with my father. Tomorrow, I have Boxing Day lunch with a squillion cousins.

It is very hot here today - feels about 28C. The sky is blue, there is a light breeze wafting. You can't get much better than this.


brattcat said...

I can't see out my attic window for the frost, but these photos are so filled with light that I'm not missing anything. Have a good time with your dad and your squillion cousins.

Joan Elizabeth said...

We met with both our Church families, the cathedral on Christmas eve and our local church on Chistmas morning, We had delightful weather, dinner with ourselves and made lots of phone calls to brothers and sisters. In all a very successful day. I am glad yours was too. It muat have been a joy sharing bright-eyed baby's first Christmas.

Rained again today though.

freefalling said...

Happy Christmas Julie.
Did you eat prawns and trifle?

diane b said...

Bright eyed button must be a joy to everyone.