Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unbridled pleasure!

This is was a Kensington Pride mango. He could not smell it, but he could taste it. He was astounded that I would pay $3.98 for it at Woolies.

Next time, I will take a tea-towel with me as well.


freefalling said...

Maybe a hose would be best.
Doesn't the orange and blue look beautiful together?

Joan Elizabeth said...

Pure pleasure ... but I am also astounded at the price. Aren't they selling for around $2 at the moment?

Julie said...

Calypso and R2-D2 Mangoes are cheaper due to their smaller size. However, I am not so keen on their taste, as I am on the taste of the Kensington Pride.

At my local supermarket, which is Thomas Dux, the upmarket Woolies, they are selling a tray of 14 Calypso mangoes for $13.99.

brattcat said...

My mouth waters just looking at this wonderful sequence. Well done on many fronts, Julie.

diane said...

You've captured the joy of eating this delicious, juicy fruit. They are even more expensive up here where they grow. Work that out! $2.50 to $5.00.