Saturday, December 11, 2010

Developing new skills

Photographs by Kirsten

Both my daughter and my grand-daughter are learning new skills.

Kirsten is teaching herself photography with this subject of all subjects. She is learning by following her favourite baby photographers of the moment, and is addicted to her prime F1.8 lens.

Alannah is learning the fun of play both in the cot by herself and with her mummy at the playground in Rushcutters Bay park.

These three cropped images by Julie


diane said...

I want a lens like that for Christmas. great shots and she is growing. Fox can sit up by himself and has learnt to clap. We get a skype demo every time he learns something new. He is learning to surf next.

Julie said...

Learning to surf! The net or the waves?

Alannah is down for swimming lessons come the middle of January.

She is growing in skill and strength but is on the 25the percentile so is going to be the same size as her mother and her grandmother.

She cannot clap yet nor wave goodbye, but sort of knows there is something she can do when you plant a dirty big kiss on her. It generally involves a fair bit of dribble.

brattcat said...

Your daughter has inherited an excellent eye from her mum. And Alannah makes a delicious subject.

freefalling said...

LOVE Kirsten's hat!
Alannah's is pretty cute too.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've been impressed with the Kirsten's photos that you've been posting. She really gets it. Has her Mum's great eye.

freefalling said...

I thought Kirsten might like this fellow for inspiration.
He does the most beautiful work.

Ann said...

She's doing a great job with her photography, I particularly like these b&ws.