Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sydney Writers' Festival 2010

My tickets for this year's festival, which runs from Monday 17th May to Sunday 23rd May, have arrived. Now all I have to do is work out which of the free sessions I really really want to queue for.

I had nominated to become a volunteer this year, but have since withdrawn my name. They had not allocated volunteer sessions before the programme was released, and I am now simply too busy. Seems a back-to-front way of doing it. The volunteer schedule is not released for another two weeks, and by then all the good sessions will be booked out.

So, what have I booked for? Mostly current affairs type argumentative sessions! Surprise, surprise!!

Friday 21st -
A chat between David Wessel and Paul Keating
'Bendable learnings' (Don Watson)

Saturday 22nd -
'The Great Crash of 2008' (ross Garnaut and David Marr)
'Did business-speak cause the GFC?' (David Wessel, Ross Garnaut, Ross Gittins & Neil James)
'Programmatic specificity we can believe in' (Christopher Hitchens, Nathan Rees & Annabel Crabb
'Terrorism - How to win a cosmic War' (Reza Aslan & Tony Jones)
'The Colony and Sydney Harbour' (Grace Karskens & Ian Hoskins)

Sunday 23rd -
'Battlelines' (Tony Abbott and Annabel Crabb)

I will get me a printed programme tomorrow and then I will work out which free sessions I am interested in. I think there are one or two things for every single day. The free sessions that interest me most, involve writing and editing skills. There are a few authors that interest me, but their sessions will have long queues. The ticketed sessions I have chosen are about $15 or so each. There are some this year which are much more expensive.

I need to cut some sambos and fill my thermos!


Martina said...

It's been a year since I have seen these photos????
Ooouh ... .

Julie said...

Yes, well nigh a year. Somehow it pleases me that you remember them.

Ann said...

Thought the woman at bottom right looked familiar. That's an interesting set of sessions, particularly the Garnaut ones.

Joan Elizabeth said...

When I saw the Writers Festival adverts I knew to expect a run down from you soon. Looking forward to the reports once you have attended.

diane said...

You always have such interesting people shots. Like Joan I am looking forward to your reports.