Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ma's countdown

We have passed the 26 week point, leaving a bare 100 days to go. The target date is 16 July, with mother turning 31 on 23 July.

Am I excited ... am I what!


freefalling said...

Me too!
In a non-creepy, on the fringes kind of way.

diane said...

I know the feeling..excitement..but now and then I worry that I will be able to cope with helping out after the birth and not be in the way and useless. We leave for Sydney 2 May she is due 13 th but we're all hoping its early. She is huge!

Lovely hand detail, hope she's keeping well.

Julie said...

Letty, Come in from the fringes, m'dear.

Diane, my biggest fear is that I will do, think and feel FOR her whereas, obviously, it is important that she so all this for herself. I know when she was born, my MiL came over from Perth for the first month and everytime I turned around the work had been done. When she left, my live was even harder. Kirsten is keeping incredibly well. Pregnancy really suits her, and as you can see, she is not huge yet. I gave/lent her her own Baby Clinic Book from 1979/80 which showed that at full term she had only been 2.5kg.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oooh I can feel the excitement building.

A Mil for a month! Eek I could not put up with that with or without a new baby.

Bruce Caspersonn said...

Rightoe,,,well, it looks to be more than indigestion then!

bitingmidge said...

Race you! ;-)

I've just had a couple of fantastic days with MrThree, and all I can say is "bring 'em on"! I can take it!

Sharing your excitement too of course!

Julie said...

Well there are three of us in this 'race' - you, me and Diane. What an exciting year it is turning out to be!