Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The puzzle of consanguinity

The nominal starting point: The Cole Family at Drummoyne in 1924
A system of degrees and removes is used to describe the relationship between two cousins and the ancestor they have in common.

The degree (first, second, third cousin, etc) indicates one less than the minimum number of generations between both cousins and the nearest common ancestor. For example, a person with whom one shares a grandparent (but not a parent) is a first cousin; someone with whom one shares a great-grandparent (but not a grandparent) is a second cousin; and someone with whom one shares a great-great-grandparent (but not a great-grandparent) is a third cousin.

The remove (once removed, twice removed, etc) indicates the number of generations separating the two cousins from each other. The child of one's first cousin is one's first cousin once removed because the one generation separation represents one remove. The child of one's great-aunt or uncle (one's parent's cousin) is one's first cousin once removed because their grandparent (one's own great-grandparent) is the most recent common ancestor.

I took this from Wiki and I am not convinced that I have it right, that alone that I understand it and can apply it. I will find some tricky photos and try to work out my relationship with those in the photos.

First cousins: Jeff Tonkin, Julie Storry & Brett Jurecka (together with Brett's friend, Desi)
All this is brought on because with two of my cousins (1st Cousin Sandra and 2nd Cousin Rhonda), I am organising a Cole Family Reunion which is looking likely for 27th March, 2011.


altadenahiker said...

Oh, this drives me insane. So what is my mother's cousin's relationship to me. We share 1/2 his grandparents, and 1/4 my great grandparents?

Julie said...

Yeah, it drives me bonkers, too! But ... I am gonna surmount it this twelve month.

Your mother's cousin ... You go back to the closest ancestor they have in common, which is their grandparents. Therefore, your mother and her cousin are first cousins. And you are one generation removed from him, therefore, they are first cousins and you and he are first cousins once removed.

I think.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've always drawn the line at second cousins ... I had some of them in my class at school. All the removed stuff gets too hard.

There was a family reunion for my great grandparents family in my home town last weekend but I didn't go this time. Not many people from my branch go along and it has been happening regularly for quite a few years now.

You will enjoy pulling it all together and it is such fun the first couple of times as people unearth treasures and memories.

freefalling said...

I'm person A and I'm looking for my relationship to person B.
My mum is his grandmother's first cousin.
Mum's dad and B's great-grandma are siblings - so the common ancestor is:
my great grandparents which are his
great-great grandparents.
So we are......
virtual strangers?
So - if Vince carks it - we could go out together, right? coz he's kinda cute!

diane said...

It all sounds like double cousin to me.

Anonymous said...

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