Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How long is too long?

Time is moving on with my father.

He is no longer eating the food that they put in front of him. When I rouse he is not happy. I tell him that if I had left that amount of food when I was growing up, I would have been in big strife. I think he just could not be bothered. However, he still eats the bananas and the chocolate that I bring to him every few days. If I stopped them, I do not think he would eat more of the other.

After I cut his hair last Saturday, we had a little fun photo session which involved balancing the camera on a brick on a bench and setting it to automatically take 6 shots to ensure that I could get back in the viewfinder in time. Here be the results.

I have told him that he is going to be a great-grand-father. But I sometimes think the only person he really remembers is me, and that only when I am there. All the other people have become photographs. But he has brought this upon himself to a large extent. He now refuses to move off the floor of the hostel he is on. We could take the elevator downstairs and sit under the trees, but he is too scared. When my daughter used to visit, all he did was whinge about how hard his life is and how abandoned he has been by everyone. When his friend from up the mountains visits, he tells him not to come all that way just to visit him - and means it. He is building a box around himself - literally.


Martina said...

One wouldn't tell from the photos. He looks happy - I think you made (and still make) him happy. Even if it was just for these moments. That's the best you could do for him, hm?

freefalling said...

It's true.
In the photos he looks engaged and happy.
You two don't look much alike, do you?

I remember when my Nan got old - she said she was finished with living and was just waiting to die.
When my Grandma got old, she fought and struggled and hung on with every little bit left in her.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes he does look engaged. However, he also looks older to me than in earlier shots you have shown of him. You really are alike.

You are going to treasure these family shots of old and new in years to come.

diane said...

It is good to see that he can still smile and that he remembers you. Growing old is not something to look forward too. Nice shots of you both. Your glasses are cool.

bitingmidge said...

They are great shots, some relief in a difficult time I suspect. It really puts silly little things like arguing over property resumption into proper perspective.

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