Monday, January 18, 2010

Fourteen weeks

On Thursday she flies to Colorado to spend ten days with a friend.

Further to Diane's comment in the previous post. She noted that when she and Bill become grandparents later this year, Bill has chosen iPop which would make her iMa.

Two things.

Should our generation of grandparents become the e-ma and e-pa?

Is there a link between titles and can this only be fractured at our peril? I mean, should Grandpa always go with Grandma? Should Nana always partner Pop? Should Pa always partner Ma? Why does Grandad partner Nana, shouldn't it be Grandad and Grandmum?


diane said...

This is an amazing shot. The love and tenderness just oozes. The light behind his head is magic and yet his face isn't too shadowed. I guess you may have used a flash but the skin tones are so soft.Did you use specialsettings for portraits. You are sooo good. She is very pretty.

Julie said...

No, I did not use a flash, but I did use a tripod. The light from the lamp was sufficient, but very yellow. I put it into Picasa and desaturated and used "fill light" until I was happy.

Not sure what it is with portraits. Usually, I try NOT to get the subject to pose. However, here I did because I wanted that hand just there.

I usually only photograph people for whom I have great love, or great affinity, and try to show what it is that attracts me to that subject. If I just shoot any person, it is not a good result.

Ann said...

It is a beautiful portrait. I like e-ma.

freefalling said...

Kirsten looks just beautiful - pregnancy obviously agrees with her.

I had a Grandma and a Nanna - I loved them both but they were very different.
Grandma was like a storybook grandmother - loving and nurturing,
whereas Nanna was more sophisticated and 'a lady'.
I think my Mum went with Pip, coz she was only in her 40's when she became a grandmother and I don't think she could handle any of those ageing monikers.

I thought of you today when I saw this lady with a very cool contraption - I don't know if it was something that is readily available now or if she jerry-rigged it herself.
It was like a tri-scooter with a raised boardy-seaty bit - so you kneel with one leg and paddle(?) with the other. She had a crook ankle and carried her walking stick in a basket on the front.
It wouldn't quite be right for you but geez it'd be fun!

diane said...

Thanks for the info on the photo.E-ma

Joan Elizabeth said...

The photo does capture them beautifully, the love really shines through.

Only absent grandparents visted through the web should be e-ma and e-pa.

Another thought, I had a big Aunty Ivy and little Aunty Ivy to distinguish between them ... I wonder if big Aunty Ivy knew that was her moniker for our whole family. The moral of the story ... don't pick the same name as the other side coz the manner of distinquishing you might not be flattering.

Julie said...

Letty, that sight boggles the mind. Might be a bit rough on the poor old knee. But worth a try ...

Joan, one thing I am NOT going to be is an absent grandparent! However, I think that is too narrow a definition, even though I sorta like it. I think the prefix e- indicates someone who embraces the electronic age with gusto and is not prehistoric. A friend of mine has a daughter Emma. When her son went and married an Emma, they become Big Emma and Little Emma. Now that they are both mature women, it sits a little awkwardly but it still used. I think that Ma will do me just fine.

altadenahiker said...

Nana sounds like banana, and is a very silly word. The others sound fine.

Your daughter is really lovely.

Julie said...

No no no no ... Nana only sounds like ban-nana if you say you YOUR way. Out here, we pronounce it the toffee-nosed way (bah-nah-nah)and all is right with the title again.


bitingmidge said...

It's a wonderful shot Julie.

FWIW, I have a young Auntie Dawn and an old Auntie Dawn. YAD is 80 this year.

We are a JoJo and a Papa, but we could be Kevin and Julia for all it matters when the little bloke has his arms around us whispering secrets in our ears.

Julie said...

Heavens, how yound is OAD? And apparently Julia has NO opinions worth noting on anything to do with family life!

bitingmidge said...


Welsh eh, there's the rub!

My middle name is Llewellyn.