Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cinema: W

This is a terrible film. It has no point and just flounces all over the place confusing caricature with character. September 2001 is not dramatised. New Orleans is not mentioned. Apparently, W was defined by the fact that his Poppy could not say he loved him. Being "born again" was falling down in a forest while going on a 3 mile jog after an all night drinking binge. The film seemed much longer than it was. I stayed to try to find out who did the screenplay, but that was not covered by the closing credits.

I guess that Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay. Note to self: free tickets are worth the money one pays for them.

Rating: nil
Cinema: Chauvel
With: Kirsten


altadenahiker said...

Oh, I think Oliver Stone is so one-dimensional. Except I believe he directed Salavador, back in the 80's, and that was brilliant. What happened, I wonder.

I thought his movie about Kennedy was stupid.

Kris said...

It's funny, because although you've slated it, it's STILL better than the review my brother gave it!

I think I might pass...

Julie said...

I was relatively pleased with the awards this arvo: have not seen SDM so really had no opinon. The other serious contenders were The Reader and Milk but whilst I was committed to their main actors, I was not convinced that they were Best Picture material - either of them.

I am just pleased that they did not plump for Brangelina!! Not that I am agin either of them: just the marketing exercise shits me.

I suspect Pitt is an okay actor: in BBR he showed a quaint penchant for self-satire and I really liked his work in Babel.