Thursday, December 4, 2008

Painting the town

London graduated from Dick Wittington to Boris. Paris survived Jacques Chirac forever and a day. Hamelin entrused its youngsters to a pie-eyed piper. Where would New York have been without Rudy - hell, Thomas Hardy even titled a book after one. They make an impact these tin-pot foreign generals with their mace and gold chain.

Sydney has entrusted the keys to the sewerage recycing plant to Clover, bless her cotton socks!

This, dear ratepayers, is what happens when you entrust the coffers of the city to a lass named after a grass that causes milking cows to generate too much gass in their gut. The city is over-run with a sludge-like disease that oozes through the windowpane and slops onto the counterpane; that tumbles over step and stoop. A modern hieroglyph that started life as a screen-saver. A morphing powerpoint to the strains of "Wind beneath my Wings".

Ladies and Gents, I give you the Sydney Town Hall with optional extra skins that simply clip on and are value for money at only $5.99 per month plus postage and packing.


Ann said...

I'm not at all sure about that, especially Wind Beneath My Wings. Thought it would have been a Christmas theme. Did you go to Macquarie Street?

bitingmidge said...

I took a few half hearted shots two years ago, but couldn't work out what to do with them. Your bracket works well, but I rather prefer the lights in yesterday's post.

A point well made I say!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Julie said...

Yes, I was underwhelmed by this as it seemed tawdry but the images were Chriatmassy - one was tree baubles scrolling down the fact of the building.

It attracts attention but to me lacks taste.

Macquarie Street next week, Ann.