Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Branching out into wassailing

My neighbour, Yvonne, put her lights up today.

Although Donne concluded that no man was an island, maybe people are trees with a sturdy trunk, a vigorous root system and a lithe and flexible raft of branches. Of late, new branches have been growing and old branches have been strengthening.

Possibly man is not an island because he needs to reach out to others to be fully alive: being part of a community adds depth to the human experience. During a life we need many friends both serially and in parallel; with each friend we share different experiences and nurture different loves. Some of these forms of love are the enduring love that people crave.

I sing alto with Di Canto which has now sung at a nursing home two weekends in a row: latino songs, gospel numbers, a bracket from animated films, a Beatles bracket, songs from the Wars and Christmas Carols. The joy that this imparts is writ large on their faces: the soundless clapping, the voiceless mouthing and the tears rolling down the cheeks. Working our way through the wheel-chairs and the zimmer-frames after the concert to talk individually to them: our reward.

Tonight, three sops and I joined with the Sydney Greek Choir to prepare for two performances in the few days prior to Christmas: one for the Archdiocese and another for the Lions Club. Branches are sprouting everywhere; although my trunk is less sturdy than it used to be, my root system is vigorous and seeks sustenance in a mulitude of places.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Julie, I am thrilled you're back! Your photos and words have been the highlight or my day since I discovered your blog and I am sure I will find the flexibility of your new one just as delightful.

For similar reasons I am planning to give up daily posting on BMJ when I hit post 500 in Jan.

Julie said...

Thank you, Joan. It is a tough creative commitment posting each day - especially if one works 5 days a week! Don't know about you, but my muse does not work on a regular schedule. And it is often deep and emotional and not skimming over the top as many readers of the CDPB seem to appreciate more. However, there are some like-minded-souls out there and I value them very much. Will you keep up BMJ or switch over to Wayfarer? I am still not happy with this format but I am trying not to bash myself up about it.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I will probably shut down BMJ and do Wayfaring because it has always been more lose and less of a commitment.

I find posting in "series" helps, so I can work them out in advance over the weekend.

You will find your voice and format soon enough -- let it evolve.

Virginia said...

I am enjoying your writing as much as your lovely photos. Do what feels right. THe warmly lit house is so soft and nice. I want to step inside!!

Julie said...

Thank you friends, slow and steady does it. This time of the year is always worst for me.