Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fungi - bracket and coral

I spied these midweek whilst on my early morning jog and included them in my photo excursion this morning. (Both jogging and photography are useful methods to combat the black dog that sits on my shoulder.) These fungi were growing from the stump of a eucalypt sapling on the west facing a slope of a dry schlerophyll planting.


Virginia said...

well I am not so sad now. Same gorgeous photos and writing, but where are the hikus???Hmmmmm? I was always damn near amazed that you could crank one out every day for any photo and I couldn't get a room full of third graders to write ONE! I am putting you on my links so this one better stay up sister.
PS I'm so glad I didn't lose you!!

Ann said...

Really good to see you back. Just keep playing with the template until you are happy with it. Took me ages and I still tweak it every so often. The thing I like about blogger is the ability to load photos ahead. I do mine on the weekend for the whole of the following week, which is the only way I'm able to manage it.

Julie said...

V: Thank you. The cranking drained the sump I am afraid! Ever felt that you were wearing a straight-jacket of your own making? The haiku - and other poetic forms - will return but will be interspersed with other voices. The topics will come from the heart and soul - bipolar if you will.

Ann: Thank you, too. I travel on such a roller-coaster that I simply could not post a week ahead. By Tuesday it would no longer be true - or honest. The thing I find hardest to bear is to compromise my ethical self.