Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From the roof of a tram

A 1906 bird's-eye view of George Street, Sydney, NSW, courtesy of City of Sydney
I think this film starts at the GPO in Martin Place and ends at the intersection of George and Druitt Streets, ie the Town Hall.

I gather many of the trams that are going up and down George Street, or which suddenly dart across it, are F-Class trams.

I love the plethora of verandahs.


Julie said...

No, no. I am wrong. It starts much further north than the GPO, because I can see the GPO about half-way through the film.

Joan Elizabeth said...

What a terrific find. I think I am surprised by how few horse drawn vehicles there are on the street.

FigMince said...

Yes, Julie, I think it starts just north of Margaret Street (on the left at about 16 seconds) with Hunter Street then on the right. Fantastic piece of footage, though.

FigMince said...

…Then the horse and dray comes out of Wynyard Street, crosses George, and enters Angel Place.

Julie said...

Other way around, I think, FM. First, Margaret comes out on the rught, and then Hunter on the left. Bu you are right. And I love the dray nipping across into Angel Pl, and the buggy going into Market St just before the roadworks.

Re what JE said about the number of horse-driven vehicles. I was going to say that even in 1906 there were no motorised cars, but I think there might be one right near the very end of the film, crossing George using Druitt/Park St.

FigMince said...

Oh dear. Of course that’s what I meant, but it seems like I’ve finally reached the age where I don’t know my right from my left. Or is that my left from my right?