Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fighting fit at 90

Ross, Mildred, Barry, Julie

Mildred will be 90 on Saturday, having been born in 1924. She is my father's first cousin, making her also my first cousin, once removed. She lives in the same aged-care village as does my brother, and has done so for 21 years. Mildred lives in the "village" whereas Barry is in "high-care". We had morning tea with her on Saturday and magged for two hours.

In the middle of 1950, when Ross was born, Mildred looked after Barry and I, as well as her own two, Rhonda and Graeme. Apparently, I came down with measles first, rapidly followed all the others. However, her "fondest" memory was of the faecal wall art I presented to her.

Not only was Mildred my father's cousin, she married my father's best friend - Bill - in 1944. Dad and Mildred corresponded while he was stationed at Milne Bay during 1942-43. Bill saw her photo and asked if he could write to her, too. Bill died from an aneurysm in 1987. Mildred has two childred, 7 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren. When they all get togther, that is quite a crowd.

Happy Birthday, Mildred!!
(L): Mildred with Pa Cole, 1926; (R): Mildred in the Army, 1943

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