Sunday, January 26, 2014

Claim a Convict

It has been a traumatic month for family history researchers in New South Wales, and Australia in general. Especially those of us who proudly boast a convict or two, in their ancestry. One of our grass-roots researchers, Lesley Uebel, died after a short, traumatic illness. Lesley moderated a Roots-Web page of Port Jackson convict researchers, and created and administered the "Claim a Convict" site. Now a group of other researchers, who were particularly close to Lesley, have agreed to moderate both sites. Indeed, the "Claim a Convict" site has been totally rewritten, with a SQL data-base under-pinning its data.

Once my membership has been moderated, I will be in-like-flynn to claim:
Joseph Puckeridge - 1801 - Earl Cornwallis
Thomas Hughes - 1802- Perseus
Susan Smith - 1814 - Wanstead
William Chapman - 1834 - Susan
Charlotte Webster - 1838 - John Renwick
The aim is to put researchers in touch with each other to share their knowledge. There is no limit on how many researchers can "claim" any individual convict.


diane b said...

Sounds like a full time hobby.

Julie said...

It is quite time-consuming, Diane. But as I get more and more restricted in my movements, it is just the sort of hobby that suits. Which is why I am trying to get all the on-the-ground research done now, what with visiting cemeteries and all.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Golly 5 of em. I can claim one and suspect there may be another lurking down the line.

Doing the research is enormous fun and I am sure much easier in the Internet age. When I did most of mine I had to spend hours at the Mormons.

Julie said...

Last night, Joan, I went direct to the Old Bailey records for a trial of an ancestor on 5th September 1833.