Saturday, August 3, 2013

Channelling Vincent down the neural pathways

Getting him out of his own little cocoon Is like pulling hen's teeth, even after he whinges that he is bored and never has anything to do! Did not want me to cut his hair: too cold and it would wait until next week.

So, instead, I set him up to have a shave, and cut his fingernails (even though he said they were not too long). Then I bullied him into making his own bed and not just waiting for the nurse to do it, which embarrassed the nurse, but I explained my reasoning to him.

Then I suggested that we go down to the activity room and do some painting! Well, the decibels of the whinge reached Conrod Straight levels! But, I did not start life as a Tonkin without a healthy dose of pigheadedness.

So, off we toddled down to the activity room with all his gear, and with Robyn's sheaf of prints of works by Picasso, Mondrian, Cezanne, and Van Gogh. I did a right royal sell job, but it wasn't until I put pencil to canvas that he said I started in the wrong spot, rubbed it out ... and we had lift off.

I guess he worked solidly for 30 to 40 minutes until he said his brain was fried, and we sauntered into the dining room to get one of those delicious Nespressos. By the time we got back, the card games had started, so we got a deck, and I set him up a game of Patience. He started to get the hang of it after two goes through the pack, and then started to resequence like a trooper, with the eventual effect of getting the game out! So, his brain is not THAT fried.

I left him a large book of Sudoku which pleased him. However, people with dementia hide things so others don't steal them, with the usual outcome being that they forget they have them.

It was a good visit, but I slept all the way home in the train ... and during the 10 minute bus trip.


brattcat said...

both of you worked hard, had good days, earned your naps.

head in the sun said...

God bless your fuzzy little head.
My own beloved sister single-handedly dragged (bullied) me out of a black, dangerous depression.
I'm eternally grateful.

head in the sun said...

Did you turn off the comments at GT on purpose?

head in the sun said...

And has LiV been hidden on purpose?

Julie said...

More power to sisters!

I turned off the comments on GBT, until K returns from Perth (later tonight), and then she and I will reassess.

LiV has been hidden, I am told, because K is worried that A might not appreciate her 'life' being opened up to the world. The same reason why she asked me to remove the Dolwendee post about the 3rd birthday party. She is thinking all this through.

I miss LiV ...

diane b said...

That sounded like a mammoth effort on your part as well as his. Well done for persevering. I'm glad to see this post as I was wondering if you were not well or that your neuro condition might be getting worse. Keep well old girl, I miss you.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I too am glad to see the post as I was hoping you were well.

I understand why LiV has been turned off but I used to enjoy it so much ... watching your beautiful grandchild grow up and Ks always excellent photos.

Julie said...

My neuro condition is degenerative. Just the nature of the beast.

The pneumonia knocked my confidence a bit, and has made me more inward looking ... bucket lists and such, which is why I have cut back a bit on blogging. I am spending more time on family trees to ensure it is all written down.