Saturday, May 18, 2013

Painting by numbers

He had no idea that I missed visiting him last week, well he did not say anything. But he was unshaven for the first time at this facility, and the finger nails were dirty. We rectified both these issues.

He has hit a brick-wall with his Sudoku. I am not sure who supplies him with these booklets, but he has four of them now. He cannot go past a 3x3 arrangement. He told me this, and the partial completion in his latest book, backs this up. He wants more, but only of the type he knows he can do. Okay by me, and they are on my list for this week.

We progressed his latest canvas, and at a pleasing level. I drew the design [in theory, the wing of a butterfly] and I suggested the colours. This week we were to do the background, and I suggested a lime green, but he did not listen to this. Instead, he wanted to do a .25cm band of white around the design, which he indicated would make it appear to shimmer. Okay by me. Then he choose a green, and mixed it with white, to create another .25cm band around the shimmer of white. Then he wanted something just a bit darker to do a third .25cm band. He finished at this stage, but before packing up, said that the rest would all be an appropriate shade of green. So the painting is basic, but definitely not by numbers. The next canvas is ready to roll when he is.


head in the sun said...

I think that is a beautiful painting.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I too think this painting is quite wonderful.