Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ups and downs

Words are superfluous!


brattcat said...


diane b said...

You can't help but giggle with her. She is adorable. Love the finger up the nose shot.......she'll hate you for it later in life.

Joan Elizabeth said...

It says it all and more than just about Alannah ... what's this about a creep stealing your data allowance. I thought you were missing because you were horribly busy you really should not have bothered commenting when on a slow link.

Regarding the memes. I considered joining more but find many of them produce such banal images that I don't want to visit the participants. Taphophiles on the other hand is turning up interesting stuff and I like the Psalm challenge because it's fun to me to see what others saw in the Psalm of the week.

Regarding your commenting ... it is because you engage that makes you such a much loved blog friend, though I think it is sometimes fine to just say I like it.

Now to go back to my blogs and find and answer the other questions you asked :-)

Kay L. Davies said...

I might overcome my reluctance to fly to Australia just so I can see Alannah before she grows up. She is wonderful, Julie, so brave and joyous.