Monday, October 3, 2011

The old scavanger

See that old plant pot down there on the right, the largish, black plastic round one? It is now mine!

As I wander the streets and the gutters of my 'hood, I look for items that might come in handy in my garden. I am looking for things to get my plants up into the third dimension. The other day I found a blue plastic milk crate, not many lanes away, and hoiked it home. Today was a bit of a struggle as I was trying to take photos at the same time and not scratch Ann's camera that she so trustingly lent me. I didn't scratch it, I hasten to add Ann. *phew*

I will go back later this week and check out the other trays in this pile where the pot plant was. I think only the bottom two will be useful We scavengers must be discerning, you realise.

The chap in the apartment above me - who flew to the New England states of the USA today to experience 'fall' - managed to get me a couple of large black plastic (rectangular) containers from the convent whose garden he maintains. I mentioned that I wanted to start a veggie garden. I have sufficient soil for two tomato rings, and one other 'garden'. Shall go to 'Honeysuckle Garden' in Bondi Junction later this week to decide what to plant. Maybe some spinach. How hard is asparagus? Lots of water. Lots of manure? I will go read about asparagus.

Update: Perhaps, tomato, zucchini, silverbeet and rockmelon. Asparagus takes two years ...


brattcat said...

what a long way to come to see our fall foliage. i hope your generous neighbor is not disappointed. in vermont, at least, the colors, so far, have been muted by all the rain we've had.

freefalling said...

"the old scavenger" tee hee hee.
I wonder how many of those black pots are in land fill.
Yes - definitely tomatoes.
I was very impressed with Green Zebras last year - very zingy.
Black Russians - sweet but not much zing.
And rockmelons!!!
And next year - onions and garlic and potatoes (I think it's too late for them now).

Julie said...

I am not sure what my space will allow. When Robin returns and sees what I have done, I feel sorta sure that more pots will appear at the bottom of the steps.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a plan. Am trying to get up the energy to do a vege patch here this year but the weather is horrible and doesn't encourage me to even go outside.

Julie said...

Went to BJ and bought: oregano & coriander; pumpkin & a leaf lettuce & rockmelon seeds.

I will open the rocky seeds on Thursday arvo, but will also buy a rocky then and save its seeds if I look the look/smell/taste.

It is bordering on a jungle out there ...

Kay L. Davies said...

Spinach isn't difficult. Swiss Chard is probably easier.
Asparagus is fairly easy, doesn't need a lot of water, but you have to leave it alone for a long time, not pick until the third year. I don't know about asparagus in containers, however, as it needs lots of room for roots to run sideways. We used to find it wild in apple and pear orchards, and in ditches.
Good luck!
— K