Monday, July 4, 2011

Skinning cats

At the end of our class today, Guy dropped a bombshell. He will not be taking our course next term. You could have heard a pin drop. Instead, he was going to gallivant off to Royal North Shore and have either 3 stents implanted or a coronary bypass performed. The jury is still out, I gather.

I think he is in his mid-60s, yes slim and active. He found he was running out of puff hoofing it up Bathurst Street from the WEA to catch the train back over the bridge after classes. So he got himself checked out. Good for him!

He will continue to take classes at Mosman Community Centre, however. Up until now, he has taken a significant class load at both adult education centres. His wife, Kathleen, also takes classes at Mosman, and, hence, continuing that is easier for him. He did say he had hopes of returning to the WEA in Term 4 and that another instructor had been organised to replace him for Term 3.

Our equivalent class over at Mosman is on a Saturday from 11:15 until 1:15. There ia another class that Guy takes at Mosman, which would be revision for me, from 9am until 11am. I have already enrolled for the WEA class for Term 3. I will email Guy and check out the revision class, and might go with that as a continuing pump-up.

I do hope he flies through this. He is a lovely man, and a wonderful ambassador for his native language.


freefalling said...

Do you call him "Guy" or "Ghee"?

Julie said...

Ghee, bien sur (circumflex)!