Sunday, June 19, 2011

Now, where did that go?

This morning, after receiving a call from Darren, I hoofed it over to Double Bay in just a shade over 30 minutes, to sit with Ally whilst Darren went out to Macquaroe University Hospital (MUH) to pick up Kirsten who was ready to be discharged. I guess Ally awoke a bit after 10:30. I changed a pooed nappy, retrieved her when she escaped, and wrestled her into some clothes for the day, before enjoining her with the main plan for the morning. Some serious play!

She loves to take things (blocks, animals) out of one container, give them the old taste test, then hoik them into another container, preferably one that makes a noise! In between I read/sang her nursery rhymes out of a book dated (in my hand-writing) sometime in 1980. After a round or two of farm-yard sounds (especially today, cow and pig), she clambered over to the dolls-house for her new party-trick. Take something from inside the d-h, hoik it over the top, then hoist herself up to see where it ended up. Sorry she is headless, but I did have to move quickly and I was flat on my back under the dining-room table with a 50mm prime lens!


freefalling said...

Hahaha - they're wonderful photos.
I love her stripey nappy bum.
And those dangling little feet.
She's very busy.

Ann said...

What, no zebra?

Julie said...


He was actually in the basket with all the other animals! Maybe Ally's leggings are the zebra-substitute.

brattcat said...

It must have been a happy reunion. But how dear that Ally (she's got a nickname) was quite content to wake and find your arms waiting to embrace her, lift her from her crib, and change her poopy diaper. Welcome home, Kirsten.