Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Je parle une langue deuxieme ... peut être

Yesterday, in class, I had to deliver my first talk in French. I quite enjoyed trying to get the accent right, and to deliver in an interesting manner for my listeners. Here is what I wrote (and spoke):

Qui est?

Je suis Australienne. J‘étais née à Australie. J’ai un diplôme en économie de l’université de Melbourne. J’ai un frère aîné, et une sœur cadette. J’étais dix ans quand mon père est mort. Bien que j’ai haute avec cheveux blonde, je ne suis pas belle. Pourtant, peut être mon caractère attire les gens à moi. Les gens pensent j’ai le charisme.

Je travail dur du métier, tous les deux ici et outre-mer. Les heures sont longes, mais le revenu est généreux. Je paye mes impôts. Je contribue à ma communauté, souvent pro-bono. Je mariiais pendant treize ans et j’ai trois fils.

Je ne suis pas une hypocrite. Je fais comme je dis. Et néanmoins, je suis tourné en ridicule sans pité parce que je me défends ce que je crois.

Any ideas?

Yesterday, also, I enrolled for the next term of lessons through the WEA in Bathurst Street. The lecturer is just superbe, and my fellow students, come and go, but the core group are stayers. This will be my 7th Term, meaning that I will have about 100 hours under my belt.

The next aim is to sus out a course in Paris for the northern autumn of 2012. I already have 5 possibilities from assorted peoples. I want something that is 3 or 4 weeks long, is either 3 or 4 hours each morning. I am not fussed about there being group activities in the afternoons. I am sufficiently resourceful that way myself. And besides, I will need the rest and the headspace.


Ann said...

I'm going to suggest something a bit different. Every year Arles holds a big photography exhibition - Les Rencontres D'Arles. Might be interesting looking at doing a course there (looks like a beautiful town and interesting area).


Julie said...

Yes, I was down that way in 2008 when I drove with two other friends. The hassle is that now I do not drive and it is becoming increasingly difficult to move long distances over time. It is a gorgeous area, and very close to Avignon which I adored, and to Aix which Kirsten adored. However, it is an 8 hour fast-train trip from Paris.

I am not able to plan to far in advance as I am not sure of my own ability at the time. But I will look around Paris for similar ... and cooking ...

brattcat said...

Wish I could have heard you give that recitation...I'm guessing she was married to a Louis, but what do I know...

Julie said...

*grin* good guess but no cigar, BC. No cake eating around here!

Most of the first paragraph, although true, is a diversion to allow me to have enough said before those listening guessed, which they did guess just as I said she had been married for 13 years with three sons. Here in Australia we are in the middle of of a public policy battle about climate change and whether to put a price on carbon. There was an advertising campaign last week involving Cate Blanchett for which she was lambasted in no uncertain terms.

freefalling said...

It's not about you.
I was thinking - you don't have a sister!
Oh you got a degree in Economics.
From Melbourne?
You've got blonde hair?

Am I missing something?

Clink - penny dropping.

Rae Walter said...

The indulgence of a course in Paris sounds wonderful. Will be interested to see what you come up with.

Joan Elizabeth said...

When I read the French in french I had just about no idea ... translated it and still no idea ... I guess I am just not tuned into the world.

Kay L. Davies said...

There are a couple of sentences in there which could describe you, however, my friend, especially "Je ne suis pas une hypocrite. Je fais comme je dis."
Would have loved to hear you speaking. I'm still so proud of you for living in France for almost a month by yourself. Good on you!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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