Monday, May 2, 2011

April flowering

A variety of shots taken during April 2011, while I was in Paris. Some taken during their cycle around the SE of Tasmania during Easter. The main growth that is apparent to a grandparent, is that now Alannah eats just about anything her parents eat, eg avocado on multigrain, mandarins and dates. Also, there is a wider range of facial expressions, eg reactions to sweet/sour, hesitancy to go to someone new which shows in apprehension.

In short, she is growing up. She is a most even tempered and sweet natured person. I guess I take the Mandy Rice-Davies defence on that charge.


brattcat said...

And how did she respond to you after your long absence?

Julie said...

Very suspiciously!

I did not take her from here mother in the first instance. Because she was obviously (from these new looks on her face) very wary!

And I have seen her twice now ... and still dont feel that I have caught up. Understandably.

However, on Wednesday I have been invited along to her 'music circle' and hence to play at her place for the afternoon.

That should attest that I am friend rather than stranger.

freefalling said...

I love her beanie.
She really is a beautiful looking child.

diane b said...

How your heart must burst with pride, she is so gorgeous and obviously keen to explore the world.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love the B&W at the top.