Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sur la rue où je habite

See the columned portico right down t'other end of the night shot? That is the National Assembly building, the front of which faces The Seine over which the Pont de la Concorde stretches to that bit of turf where Madame de Farge k-nitted. I am standing in front of the NA building looking back up this way to take the day shot.

This is Rue de Bourgogne in the 7th. To tell you the truth, I did not know much about the 7th when I booked the 4th floor studio for a month. I have previously stayed in two separate apartments in the 4th. Although both on the Left Bank, they are quite different. In Sydney terms, the 4th is Surry Hills whereas the 7th is Woollahra.

I discovered during Bridge-Walk (part the first) today, that Boulevard Saint-Germain commences at the National Assembly. So, I can see me starting there and walking until I am too tired to go any further. Need a new map first. A bloody gypsy took my old map today. They try to sell them back to you.


diane b said...

So you are in the posh end of town? Its fun looking out the window and watch Paris go by. I'm trying to remember where we stayed last time we were there, hang on I'll go check the photo album. Golly it was back in 2004 but only seems like yesterday. We were with a group of friends on a wine tour of northern France. We first visited Switzerland and Bill's hometown and then we went by coach from Zurich to Gray, Dole,Dijon, Burgundy, and Beaune. Then in St Mammes we boarded a hotel barge and sailed along a canal, to Moret-sur -Loing, Nemours, Cepoy, Montbouy, Rogny and finishing in Briare. Then we were bussed to Paris, where I met my brother and SIl. We stayed at Regina Hotel opposite the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens. My brother showed us around the city but we had been there a few times before. It gets better and better. Lucky you to be there now, wish we were with you. After Paris we went by train to Dresden and Prague. Then we flew to Ireland. Wow That was some trip. Thanks for reminding me.

Julie said...

I agree that was some trip! Even at the height of my powers I would have found that daunting. BB's French would have made it easier for you. I come back here each evening and plug away at a little more I heard or read during my daily excursion.

The day here goes until 9pm so I know not to get out before 11am. It is good not to do too many tourist areas - the difference down at Pont Neuf yesterday was remarkable.

I would not say this is the 'posh' end of town, but let's just say 'a good address'. I steer clear of the posh end.