Monday, April 18, 2011

A Parisian evening

Here is a memory from our little soiree the other evening, courtesy of Genie.

Front row (L to R): Julie, Marie, and Aude.
Back row (L to R): Peter, Cynthia, Genie, Mary Ann, Janeen (our concierge), and Eric Tenin.

Eric Tenin was the originator/instigator of the City Daily Photo Blogs, of which Sydney Eye is a member. Janeen is an artist from NYC who moved to Paris a couple of years ago, and now rents this apartment out to friends. Genie has stayed there a couple of times now. It is close to Les Tuileries in Rue de Saint Roche. Such an easy 15 minute walk from my studio.


diane b said...

What fun to meet up with friends, Are they all bloggers?

freefalling said...

(and I'm diggin' your shoes)

Julie said...

Diane - no they are not ALL bloggers. The woman who owns the apartment (Janeen with the broken arm) is not a blogger. Nor is Marie sitting on the sofa beside me. But they sooo easily could be, except for the time issue.

Letty- (pertly). Why thank you. Medical issue, you realise. Flat. Laceups. Ankle-biters. But comfy and look cool. I try to get around like an eccentric old french woman. And succeed ... I have people approach me all the time for directions!

The thing is: I bought a caddie and all my tell-tale tourista gear goes into the caddie. Even the camera between shots. Keeps the gypsies and the hawkers at bay ...