Friday, March 11, 2011

FFF- Crime D'armour

"Love Crimes' is a delightful film which I suspect will receive a commercial release after the festival. It stars Kristen Scott-Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier, both of whom are excellent - bitchy, strong and focussed.

When I say 'delightful', I don't mean light and fluffy. I mean strong and intelligent. The narrative arc does not waver. Alain Corneau knew what he wanted and had the nerve to be true to his material. He died just before its French release.

The script is very tightly controlled, clues are dropped and then, one by one, hauled back in. There is not one, but two twists, and these flow over you with a wave of appreciation for their cleverness.

This is Scott-Thomas as I have never seen her before.


rallentanda said...

Two more to go for us. Saw this one this afternoon...not bad.Seats at the Verona are so uncomfortable If you see someone carrying a bag of cushions...that's me. Come and say hello!Bit disappointed in the choice of films this year.

Julie said...

Yes, I was disappointed this year, too. But thought it might just have been MY choice of films not the choice made by the Festival.