Thursday, March 24, 2011

C'est moi

On Sydney Eye I wrote a post about John and his coming to terms with living in a wheel-chair. John and I had been part of a workshop of 30 oldies learning photography under the auspices of both the MCA and the ACP. As well as me taking shots of John, he took shots of moi.


brattcat said...

John has an excellent eye for composition and he had a wonderful, beautiful, goofy model.

diane b said...

Hurrah for two good photographers. Its good to see you in front of the camera for a change. What does MCA and ACP stand for?

Julie said...

Museum of Contemporary Art
Australian Centre for Photography

freefalling said...

That fella is cute.
And you're not too bad yourself!
I spy you have a little bicep.
I'm jealous.
My arms just morph into my wrist.
I don't have cankles, I have wrarms.

I just saw on tele - for Seniors Week - pole-dancing is featuring!
You gunna have a go?!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Camera in hand of course.