Thursday, February 17, 2011

On being inclusive ...

My memory is not always reliable nowadays, but a vision swims through the frontal lobes of Kirsten and I striding along Elizabeth Street from Waterloo to a theatre, I think. Seemingly out of the blue, she asked, 'You will be a hands-on grandparent, won't you?'

I think what she meant by this was to be involved, to be around sufficiently and in an 'alive' enough way, to ensure that the grand-child sees me as a real person, rather than just an extension of its parents. This is, as with many things, a two-way street. To be hands-on, one needs to be included. I am sooo thrilled at being included in the way that I am.

So ... what do we have here. Yesterday, was Grandmothers' Day and we had lunch at Centennial Park. Unfortunately, I was shooting into the sun for the first shot of mother and daughter. However, Kirsten took the other two on the first row. The first one shows Alannah Jane sitting in a high-chair equal with the rest of us. Quite a thrill. The final shot, was using the 'light-scoop' that Kirsten ordered online last week.

Maybe she is teething a bit more on the bottom gum. Poor old Sophie took a hammering, and the rusks don't stand a chance. I shot both these ... I think.

All the shots of the cardboard box were taken by moi. The box had arrived the previous day filled with fruit & veg, and when i saw it I knew it was a toy from the gods. Makes a good car, too.


diane b said...

She is such a bright button and how quickly she grows. Fox also had a Sophie to teeth on. He loved it. Gorgeous photos of a darling girl. How lucky you are to be included and so close by. Fox can recognise us on Skype now and waves at us. They have finally got the okay for a Visa but would you believe they have to return to Sydney from Melbourne for an interview and to sign the papers. They wouldn't let them do it at the Melbourne office because Sydney is their last address. US Migration sounds worse than ours.So now they have to fly back with all their excess luggage for LA.

brattcat said...

Thank you for allowing us to watch this wonderful child explore, grow, blossom. I do love to see these.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I am always taken by the shots where she is wide eyed and alert ... Alannah is such a charmer. Reminds me of one of one of my grand nieces (and her mother too) at that age I love cuddling little ones and watching their play ... sadly no little ones in my life right now ... they all grew up.

Kirsten said...

Enjoying the lightscoop. It takes a while to get used to how to bounce the light and adjust the settings, but I can finally take bath photos.

Kay L. Davies said...

What a precious little sweetie she is, active and curious, bright-eyed and inquisitive. Who wouldn't want to be a hands-on grandmother to this darling child?
Also nice to see some photos of you, so I'll know you when I see you.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Julie said...

Ooo ... I had not thought of that Kay. Yes, I am small and walk with a cane. My glasses can vary as these photos might atest.