Thursday, November 25, 2010

Struggle street

Twice in the last two weeks, he has not wanted to get out of bed when I arrive. I succumbed on Tuesday, and we talked about when he dies. He doesn't want me to walk in and find the room empty. I assured him that would not happen, that I would be sitting right where I was as he died. This comforted him, to some extent.

He asked me if he would know, and I said probably not. I told him I would not be sad, because I know dying is what he wants. I can be loose with the truth when necessary. He thinks it tough to be in 'here' without his family round. How does one tell him, one reaps what one sows?


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freefalling said...

Poor old fella.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I remember having similar stilted conversations with my Dad but he was hoping so much to hang on when his body was telling him otherwise. It is a sad but precious time.