Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something free - from the government

Today was slightly sobering. I had to surrender my driver's licence which I obtained on my 17th birthday when the local sergeant of police got me to drive him up to get his morning paper. That was in 1965, and I was in Fifth Form in High School - not long out from doing my Leaving Certificate. But ... who's counting?

Not sobering sobering, just slightly sobering. I have not driven for 12 months. I only surrendered it because it was due for renewal. Anyways, I asked if I could get a Photo-Id.

And blow me down - it was free!


diane said...

Must be a sad day, but you seem to have got used to it and coping well. Hurray for you. I never thought how it would be necessary to get an ID card without a license.

altadenahiker said...

You're my favorite pragmatist.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I have become a public transport person lately and am thankful for it being so good. Though I think I would find it rather daunting to be totally dependiing on it.

Julie said...

It would be totally daunting if, for example, I were working. However, my time - although precious to me - is very flexible. The good thing about public transport, is that although it appears expensive, if one doesn't have a car as well, the savings are significant.