Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aunts on the town

Our friend, Bruce Caspersonn, has a wonderful collection of family photographs from yesteryear which, every so often, he shares with us. On 4th July he posted this photograph which he dated about the 1950s and it was sort of agreed that it was in the vicinity of Martin Place.

I checked out both Commonwealth Bank buildings in MP to no avail. On a second excursion, I checked out the buildings opposite the GPO and around the corner into George Street. Zilch again.

This morning, researching a story on the old military barracks on the site of Wynyard Station. there they were - staring me in the face!! The railings! Bruce's bloody railings!

Barrack Street used to run from George up (west) to Clarence Street. However the bit between George and York is now malled (!) and called 'Sesqui-centenary Square'. On the northern side of Barrack Street is the old Commercial Banking Company of Sydney building which is being internally 'renovated' (this is NSW and we have our own definition of that word).

Bruce's aunts were walking down Barrack toward George. They had just passed the Barrack House doorway and were in front of the second lot of windows (I think) to the east of the doorway.



Bruce Caspersonn said...

What a ripper, you have done exceedingly well. Now I will be able to sleep to-night. Julie, you are a genius.

Julie said...

My pleasure! It gave me a thrill.

I forgot to mention that Barrack joins George right at the GPO which you can see at the end of the two long views. So Martin Place is indeed just a dog-leg away.

Those street photographers did not move very far, did they!

Frances said...

I have a rare photo of my Grandmother, Mother and brother taken in Martin Place during this period by the same famous photographer.

According to my mother, the Ladies (dressed up for the City) would make a bee-line to him to have their photo taken before they went off to do their shopping.

Julie said...

Thank you for this, Frances. I suspect he, and others like him, did an invaluable service in that period where not many cameras were privately owned.

Now I will go hunt to see if I can find any info on these photographers.

Bruce Caspersonn said...

I think the Lottery Office was in Barrack St., too, perhaps my Aunts had made an investment.

Julie said...

I invest like that, too. I wonder if they received the same sort of return on investment as I am offered!

Ann said...

Well sleuthed.

diane said...

Detective Julie solves the mystery. I'd be hopeless because the first photos look like the same railings to me. Interesting post and comments.

Joan Elizabeth said...

What a sleuth you are. There is not much in the city that you miss.