Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old Photo Snap

Taken 188os in Jamieson, Victoria
Back (L to R): Can't think of her name but she is sister to the next person, Stephen Cole the younger, Stephen Cole the older
Middle: Charles Wilkins Cole, son to Stephen the older, Sarah Annie Cole, wife to Charles
Front (L to R): Cecil, son to Charles and Annie, Olive, daughter to Charles and Annie.

Charles and Annie are the parents of my grandmother, Sylvia. Although I never met her, I know Annie as Ma Cole. She died in 1945. I am using the title "Ma" come the big event in July.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Ma ... yeh funny how names go round and round. If I was a grandmother (impossible coz I missed the essential step in being a mother) I reckon I'd be a Nana like wonderful women before me on the maternal side of the family.

diane said...

What a wonderful old photo! Ma....I think I'll be Grandma as that is what Sonya called my mum.

Julie said...

The posting of this image was provoked by a similar image on Bruce Caspersson's blog!

altadenahiker said...

Ma -- I like it.