Friday, August 7, 2009



Ann said...

This works really well in b&w. In camera, or post production?

Julie said...

Processed B&W ... this is what Marko suggested, yes? That way everything is still possible.

This set of stairs takes you from Hickson Road up to the base of the south pylon.

Joan Elizabeth said...

And is a long climb so I'd be hanging onto the rail as well. I like your ventures into B&W.

I'm with Marko can't see any sense in shooting in B&W when it's so easy to convert once it's out of the camera. Unless of course you want to check that you've got the right contrast etc. on the spot.

altadenahiker said...

There comes a time when any sort of a climb requires all your concentration.

A couple of years ago I broke my leg, and until the crutches became familiar, my focus was 100 percent on the next step.

Julie said...

This image is even more poignant toady. Yesterday I spent most of the day with my father in hospital checking out the pain in his back which was excruciating.

When I was with him on Wednesday night he had a fall getting up from the dinner table to say something to me as I disappeared around a corner. He had a scrape on his elbow and two grazes down his right shoulder blade.

I saw him Thursday night and he winched in pain as he sat down on his bed to try to put his PJs on. Yesterday, Friday, he just refused to get out of bed. So off to hospital in an ambulance to have an x-ray.

There are no breaks. It is bruised. Yet the pain is debilitating. I left him last night having his only food of the day, sweet tea and three small sandwiches.

It was a tough day for both of us. My daughter took much of the burden arriving first. The nursing home was terrific.

Looking at this image this morning, I see the effort required of my father to lift his foot to get from the wheel chair to the runner of the van to get him back "home".

I liked this image before. I like it even moreso now.

altadenahiker said...

Yes, in the photo you can tell the arm has become another leg.

All the best to your dad.

Julie said...

Taa ... I have spent time with him everyday since the fall on Wednesday. He cannot remember any of it. The pain is being masked with medication. However, I can sense him relax whenever I walk in the room. He is like a blessed baby: I tell him he needs sleep he rolls over and is off within minutes.

His skin is a good colour and all his vital signs are robust ... life in the old dog yet.