Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great white waying

My head is spinning from the sheer variety:
Saturday Ann and I were in the matinee audience in the Drama Theatre of the Opera House immersed in a performance of Shakespeare's "Pericles" which was a joint performance by Bell Shakespeare and Taikoz.

Sunday Christine and I were in the Opera Auditorium of the Opera House for the Final Audition of the Young Artist Program of Opera Australia where eight young vocalists performed two arias a-piece for the chance to join the ranks of Opera Australia in 2010.

Last night, my daughter Kirsten and I attended the first performance of a dramaturg at Belvoir St Theatre by the Sydney Street Choir which was a joyous regailing of their individual journeys mirroring the Greek myth of Orpheus & Eurydice.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Such an interesting life. I hardly venture out.

Julie said...

Just a different life ... I love theatre and that is where most of my money goes. Like I have just convinced three of my friends to go see the Street Choir with me on 3 Aug when Jonathan Welch from Choir of Hard Knocks will be involved. This will be sooo rewarding and yet will cost $26.80 each.

I also received a flyer from Angel Place today about a concert by the Melbourne Symphony Chorus later in August. That is of interest ...

And my daughter and I are going to listen to a talk at Angel Place by Bernard Schlink author of "The Reader". He will be talking about his new book "Guilt about the Past". Schlink is a German Law Professor. My daughter has a law degree and works in management at Blake's.

All this is why, when I retire, I can't move out of Sydney. I was thinking about Kangaroo Valley, but my daughter told me I was mad. She is rather direct, my daughter.

She turns 30 tomorrow ...